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Reclaim valuable margin space from Bootstrap's "container" element

By John Avis · May 2, 2017

Up to Bootstrap's "lg" breakpoint, valuable space is wasted on margin's when using a "container" element.

Responsive collapsing search filters in Bootstrap 4

By John Avis · March 26, 2018

In responsive design there are times when on a mobile screen you want to hide some options with a button to show them, but on a large screen always show these options.

ASP.NET Web Forms and Bootstrap 3 and 4 Modals

By John Avis · July 6, 2017

There are a few methods for hiding and showing Bootstrap 3.x and 4.x modals in an ASP.NET Web Forms application. This technique is pure ASP.NET (requires no client script) and allows you to show and hide modals by changing the Visible property of a containing PlaceHolder or Panel.

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